Our Company Values

Visit Newport Beach believes that corporate values should be lived and not just written down. Our values below help make Newport Beach & Company a great organization to work for, as well as bringing value to our community of Newport Beach, CA.

  • INNOVATION – Relevance and trending ahead.
  • CUSTOMER & STAKEHOLDER CENTRIC – A fundamentally shared message.
  • LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE – Destination expertise that stays on the cutting edge.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Strategic but adaptable to opportunities.
  • RESPECT – Treat others with respect.
  • ENJOYMENT – Positive attitude and passion for the destination.
  • WELLNESS – Take responsibility for smart choices that foster life balance.
  • RESOURCEFULNESS – Do more with less, be efficient, and share best practices.
  • INTEGRITY – Be ethical and provide transparent communication.
  • COMMITMENT – To provide the marketing efforts for Newport Beach, domestically and internationally. This responsibility requires complete commitment.