Recent Hospitality Industry Research

Here is the latest trending research to apply to your business now.

Marketing: Image-off styling: Email users tend to prefer emails that are primarily image-based versus text-based, but unfortunately 85% of email clients block images by default.  To reconcile this, marketers are finding ways to improve the look of images-off emails with styled text, HTML mosaics and bulletproof backgrounds/buttons; Advanced personalization: Basic email personalization, such as name and account information, no longer satisfy the consumers who expect detailed, up-to-date messages that match their unique buying needs.  To truly enhance the customer experience, emails should take into account detailed interaction data (including how, when and with what customers are engaging) as well as factors like holidays, weather and location; Videos & Animated GIFS: Approximately half of the marketers who used video in email campaigns saw increased click-through rates, increased time spent reading the email, and increased sharing and forwarding. Both videos and animated GIFs are smart alternatives to lengthy copy when trying to encourage click-throughs, give instructions or illustrate complex concepts.

Online & Social Media: Image based marketing attracts attention and pulls audience in closer. Using buzzwords is essential but not too many so that it oversaturates.  Make sure you have Mobile-friendly content- this goes for advertisements, articles and web content, your business’ website and everything in between.

Hospitality & Travel: A majority of Americans find that online travel service providers are the most convenient way to book travel today. When planning a weekend getaway typically, almost 40% book 1 week-1 month in advance. Travelers interested in visiting Newport Beach are more likely to be members of airline and hotel frequent guest programs.

Retail: Mobile access; Location targeting: A retailer who has its consumer’s purchasing history can push coupons or other offers to the device using GPS or Wi-Fi technology – while the customer is in the store. The retailer can also send tailored coupons for locations near the customer, have more productive social media, provide a  ship to store feature including free shipping/returns and virtual window shopping.

Dine: Using vegetables as main courses are very in. Alternative grains like quinoa, spelt & amaranth are hot right now too. You won’t find top restaurants serving you plain old dinner rolls any more. Instead, you’ll find extensive bread and butter programs. From salads and appetizers, to desserts and marinades, figs are an emerging trend in the culinary scene and yogurt is a hot topic. And we’re not just talking Greek yogurt – we’re talking homemade yogurts being used in everything from salad dressings and chicken marinades to rich stews.