Keeping up with the latest trends in both the social media sphere and travel industry is crucial to the success of your business. Here are four articles that dive into today’s rising trends to give you a better insight into the needs and wants of the consumer.

Social Media:
Understanding social media can be crucial to effective marketing. With tips ranging from the timing of your tweets to keeping up with the frequency of Facebook changes to gaining more subscribers on YouTube, this article provides insight into the inner-workings of social media and equips you to effectively build your social media platforms.

Mobile Travel News:
Mobile is the latest trend for the travel industry and will only continue to grow in the coming years. A new report from BI Intelligence looks at the worldwide adoption of mobile devices and how it is dramatically changing the way people travel. Travel industry players are looking to make their products more mobile-friendly to keep up with the rapid rise of the trend.

Consumer Behavior:
Now more than ever, consumers desire active participation versus passive interaction and are trying harder than ever to live the most efficient lives possible. Consumers have come to appreciate digital platforms as creative outlets that give them a means to indulge and escape. Today, the consumer is seeing a richer, fuller quality of life, and they are looking at brands that support their quest for personal development.

Virtuoso Luxe Travel Report:
Virtuoso has released its 2014 Virtuoso Luxe Report, which offers insight to the patterns and decisions of the world’s wealthiest travelers. The report zeros in on the top emerging destinations, the top romantic getaway destinations, and the most popular international destinations, among others.