Despite lingering recession trauma, American travelers are continuing to make travel plans; in fact, they are taking even more caution to plan vacations that not only allow them to see the best deals for the best value, but also provide them with opportunities to save.

According to a survey by MMGY Global/Harrison Group, this cautious spending has lead to several increases in areas of travel:

  • Automobile travel has increased from 65% in 2010 to 69% in 2013
  • Smartphone usage has increased with 36% downloading travel-related apps as compared to 19% in 2010

Now more than ever, a traveler’s priority is to become knowledgeable about their preferred vacation destination so they can make the most informed decisions for the best value.

Given the strength of the high-end coastal market, it is expected that Newport Beach tourism will continue to grow in 2013. But as the survey by MMGY implies, in order to sustain and enhance tourism growth in years to come, it is crucial for travel agents to provide clients with value incentives and travel opportunities that are cost-effective.