Visit Newport Beach PR Team gains new strategic insight at PR Summit

The PR Team attended Visit California’s Public Relations Summit, the first of its kind conference to learn new audience-engaging strategies and techniques.

The team participated in several sessions with noted travel industry speakers and journalists, at the only in-depth California-focused conference for tourism public relations representatives.

The Highlights:

Keynote Address
Visit California President & CEO Caroline Beteta discussed how PR amplifies the brand message, or, in some cases, leads the way in promotional campaigns.  Attendees learned how Visit California deploys its earned media efforts, and how local Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) can leverage Visit California’s global reach.

Beyond the Page
 Storytelling in Today’s Multi-Platform Media Landscape
AFAR media’s deputy editor, Jen Murphy, discussed the ever-changing world of travel publishing and why publicists need to think beyond print when shaping story ideas. Travel magazines are no longer one-dimensional. Online media, content partnerships, social media and events are all platforms publicists should be thinking about when pitching their destination, product or experience. Attendees learned the tips and tactics that will make publicists both effective and indispensable in the years to come.

Project Runway
 Tailoring Press Materials for the Digital Catwalk
Press materials require a makeover to maintain effectiveness in today’s digital marketing age. Development Counsellors International’s (DCI) Brittani Wood, presented the art of crafting successful headlines, decks and leads that will receive pick-up and drive web visits. She also discussed effective search engine optimization and how to put press materials to work for you online.

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth
 Understanding the Needs of Today’s Media
Three noted journalists – Travel + Leisure associate editor Kathryn O’Shea-Evans; USA Today travel reporter Jayne Clark; and freelance writer Margie Goldsmith, who contributes to outlets ranging from American Way to Robb Report, shared current insights – from which story themes are trending and how to best pitch stories about your community to which digital assets are now considered toolbox necessities.

Developing Metrics That Resonate with Management
As public relations professionals, we all understand the importance of showcasing the value of our efforts, which result in increased awareness and motivate purchasing decisions.  The Barcelona Principles, the communications measurement system developed by five major PR industry associations, provides our industry’s first collective response to the issue of measurement.  Sandy Malloy, senior information specialist at Business Wire, distilled the Barcelona Principles into several simple takeaways for all of us whose eyes tend to glaze over in a typical metrics discussion.

Survey Says 
Insights Into the Needs of Today’s Media
California tourism PR representatives uncovered media preferences for how to package story pitches, when to pitch them and what digital assets set a destination apart in today’s competitive environment. California-based media guests Elizabeth Harryman, the Travel Editor of Westways and editor in chief of Northern New England Journey and Tidewater Traveler; Derek Helwig, TV producer; and Peggy Northrop, editor-in-chief of Sunset, provided their perspective on tourism and explained how best to work with their outlets to generate editorial coverage.

Global Perspective
 Generating Awareness Via International Media
Visit California’s International PR Manager Shannon Brooks and Visit California’s public relations representatives – Jane Dong from China, Laura Nesteanu from Mexico and Maddy Morgan from the United Kingdom – discussed the top consumer trends in these international markets and how best to work with consumer and trade media to boost consumer awareness, arrivals and spend.

Industry Roundtable
 Creating Successful Partnerships
As destinations across the state strive to ensure the strongest return on their marketing dollars, innovation, collaboration and partnership have never been more important. California tourism PR colleagues participated in an industry round-table to collectively discuss, debate and formulate the best plan of attack for 2014 and beyond!

The closing session was immensely important, as many of the CVB representatives focused on how we can work in partnership to bring tourism to our communities.