Get in the Game Early

Our dedicated Conference Sales team at Visit Newport Beach Inc. is charged with bringing conferences, meetings, and events from all around the nation to Newport Beach. Group business contracted by the Sales team brings thousands of new annual visitors to the destination throughout the year!

What’s more, groups traveling to Newport Beach on business contribute greatly to our economy, providing an additional revenue channel to the city and local business.

Last year, the Sales team broke company records, contracting 30,348 room nights. Because of this, business travelers in Newport Beach spent $14 million in the local economy.

This year, we will see a booking that will bring 10,000 visitors to Newport Beach and an estimated economic impact of $3 – $6 million, the NCAA’s 2014 Vizio BCS (Bowl Championship Series). This booking will bring in more lucrative opportunities for the destination than any other community event we have!

The deal titled Newport Beach as ‘home city’ for the entire BCS delegation. We will host the teams, fans, bands, alumni and media from January 1-7, 2014.

This will exponentially and positively impact all of Newport Beach! There will be stream of visitors similar to summer, during this notoriously slow week.

We have created a host committee comprised of Newport Beach’s top hospitality executives to ensure the delegation experiences all Newport Beach has to offer.

We hope to gain lifelong visitors and see members of this delegation bring their friends and family to Newport Beach, again and again.

Local businesses have already begun planning for BCS week! We have gleaned exclusive shopping deals, team branded food and beverage offerings, and contributions for the VIP gift bags.

If you have any questions about BCS or how your business can participate and get in the game early, please contact