Newport Beach Foundation

What makes Newport Beach great?

Sure we have pristine beaches, (the cleanest in America, we might add, having received recent honors from Heal the Bay and the National Resource Defense Council), beautiful weather, and an upscale blend of real estate, hotels, dining, shopping, activities and attractions, and a spectacular spirit of community.

Newport Beach is also blessed with great leadership — civic and community leaders with the future in mind that have made a true commitment to improving the Newport Beach experience for residents and visitors.

When Newport Beach & Company began laying out the framework for its’ 501 (c)(3) foundation, there was one common goal — identifying and investing in leadership talent through meaningful educational development.  Our dynamic board of directors felt this was vital to support a thriving Newport Beach Community.

Of course the identification and education processes cannot be achieved without strong leadership at all levels of community involvement.

We are grateful to have such a distinguished Board of Directors, including Dennis O’Neil, Linda Beimfohr, Marian Bergeson, Carol McDermott, Debbie Snavely, and Homer Bludau.

These trustees of the Newport Beach Foundation are long time community leaders dedicated to providing programs, which will grow leadership.

It will take much more involvement from our civic, business, and neighborhood leaders to help bring this mission to fruition of cultivating and establishing leaderships at all levels of community involvement.