Engaging Customers on Social Media

chart_smallThere’s a very good chance that your business is utilizing social media as an integral part of your marketing strategy. The entire workforce from C-level down to front-line staff is seeing how quick response times deliver both immediate benefits, as well as long-term relationships with customers.

Here’s an example how attentive social media monitoring earned the loyalty of a new customer: A colleague recently shared a story about a conference attendee who was attending a conference at a hotel. The attendee immediately felt uncomfortably cold while sitting in one of the resort’s meeting rooms.  They commented on social media about the chilly temperatures and their desire to have the air conditioning turned off.

Within minutes, a representative within the hotel’s chain saw the post.   That representative was thousands of miles away, but was able to notify the proper person about the customer complaint.  The customer was pleasantly surprised at how alert the chain’s workforce was, and commented on social media that he was convinced that the hotel was the right place to book a conference.

Can you tell a similar story with your brand?

That anecdote could be an example of finely tuned customer service, or it could also be a case of “right place, right time” that paid off immensely. When we hear these types of success stories, we tend to ask ourselves, is our business utilizing social media effectively?

The days of a single customer service representative operating from 9am to 5pm are over.   Social media is the new customer service hotline, and ideally a great share of the workforce mans it. Customers turn to social media to ask questions, complain, or offer compliments about their experience.

This type of engagement builds a better internal communications structure within our business, and impacts current and future customers. They can witness how we solve problems and they gain confidence seeing customer satisfaction.

Which brands are succeeding at retaining loyal customer viewership?  Nestivity looked at the 25 Most Engaged Brands on Twitter.   Click on the graphic top left for some interesting information  regarding best tweeting practice.