The Changing Face of the American Traveler

We are committed to delivering exceptional service to our guests whether they have come to stay, dine, relax, enjoy, or indulge.

But as technology changes, so does the typical traveler.   More people are taking vacations again, and they are booking differently than before.

How do we keep up?

Chances are you’ve given your website a look to see if it’s mobile-device compliant.   You’ve probably assigned staff to monitor social media around the clock.   Not only does the customer want satisfaction; they want an immediately.

Here’s a look at some statistics from Destination Analysis Inc. on how Americans are planning their travel.

  • 31% of Americans are planning to increases leisure travel spending in the next 12 months.
  • An average of 4.8 trips were taken over 50 miles in the last 12 months by the typical leisure traveler.
  • An average of 3.7 of those trips were driving trips.
  • Of those trips, only .4 of those trips were to destinations outside the United States.

Now the technology aspect of things:

  • 51% of millennials used their mobile phone to book their trip.
  • 35.8% of Generation X travellers used mobile phones to book.
  • 19.2% of Baby Boomers used mobile phones to book.

When it comes to social media to complain about a travel experience:

  • 15% of Millennials used social media to complain
  • 10% of Generation X used social media to complain
  • 3% of Baby Boomers used social media to complain

Many reach out to their DMO to find out information before trip:

  • 38.6% of Generation X users visit a DMO website before their trip.
  • 35.4% of Millennials visit a DMO website before their trip
  • 32.4% of Baby Boomers visit a DMO website before their trip

And when they get here… despite the technology, they utilize DMO visitor centers to get information:

  • 36.3% of Millennials visit DMO information centers
  • 30% of Baby Boomers visit DMO information centers
  • 29.7% of Generation X travellers visit DMO information centers

We are all starting to learn, the destination alone cannot drive visitors.  By adding innovative services of value, with both human and digital interfaces, we can continue to make Newport Beach more inviting for the savvy travelers.